Saturday, January 7, 2012

Why Another Blog?

Welcome to yet another foray into the political science blogosphere. I am (at the time of this writing) an undergraduate senior at Georgetown University's School of Foreign Service studying international politics with a focus on international organizations. My post-graduation plans revolve primarily around pursuing graduate studies in political science with an aim toward a career in academia. 

So why write a blog?

First, I hope to use this blog as somewhat of an sketchpad for research. Political science blogging has over the past few years become an interesting conduit for conducting brief and unconventional research outside of the traditional publication pipeline. These can be rather "half-baked ideas," unfiltered by time and peer review. However, this sort of "rapid research" can be a great way of responding to current affairs in a way that is much more timely than journal publication. Likewise, it can be a great way of filtering preliminary ideas for more extensive work, provoking useful debate and discussion. Blogging is simply more accessible than journal publication, especially for a novice researcher.

Second, the blog will try to provide insightful commentary on current global politics from the perspective of an (aspiring) political scientist. Along with producing new research, I hope to apply existing research to salient and timely policy questions to generate something that approximates "informed" analysis. Most posts will focus on my primary academic interest, international relations, but expect frequent dabbling in comparative politics, american politics (especially during the election season), and statistics. 

Ultimately the format and purpose of this blog are heavily inspired by the many political science blogs that have arisen over the past few years, especially The Monkey Cage. Expect general wonkishness, occasional outbursts of internet humor, and hopefully enough quality content to keep readers interested.


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